Developing a Global Socio-Economic Strategy to Prevent the Radicalisation of the Youth 

From the infamous school shootings in the United States, to the extra-judicial killings in Nigeria carried out by young citizens, radicalisation threatens the society as it manifests in the forms of blood baths and massacres. The mission of the UNGA-SOCHUM is to provide member nations with effective strategies to help curb the influence of of extremist ideals amongst the youth.



Combating Contemporary Forms of Slavery

It is safe to say that slavery did not end with its abolition in the nineteenth century. The practice still persists, and manifests in the form of heinous crimes- from forced prostitution and labour to debt bondage and serfdom. The UNHRC, thus, convenes with an aim to combat such contemporary forms of slavery and calls upon you to ponder whether the existing international human rights norms are sufficient to help attain freedom in its true form. 



Arab-Israeli Six-Day War 

[Freeze Date: 30th May, 1967]

The year is 1967. The Arab nations of Syria, Jordan and Egypt have publicly sworn to destroy the Zionist state of Israel, against a backdrop of years of hostilities and aggressions, as well as two wars. After the agreement at Casablanca, Arab armed forces are building up on Israel's borders. The UNSC must convene to deliberate on the seemingly inevitable conflict.



Rising Insurgencies in the North-Eastern Region 

When the Constitution was being drafted, a sub-committee, headed by Gopinath Bordoloi, gave recommendations which protected not only the tribal laws, customs and land rights, but also gave sufficient autonomy to the tribes to administer themselves. However, as events unfolded, promises remained unkept. Tribal insurgencies erupted in Nagaland, Mizoram, Manipur, Assam and Tripura at different points of time. The AIPPM, thus, aims to discuss, deliberate and curb these insurgecies in the North-Eastern region of India.



Religious Rights of Women and the Imposition of Religious Restrictions on Everyday Freedom 


Today, in the twenty-first century, where we see religious ideologies evolving with successive generations, it is an outrageous truth that women are still bound by the shackles of religious conservatism. The UNCSW aims to address the obstacles that women, across all religions, face when it comes to having access to their God. One of the most contentious issues of the contemporary world, the agenda grapples with the question of new-age concepts of religious freedom and liberty over traditions.

[Double Delegation]



Marine Wildlife Trafficking


Marine wildlife trafficking is one of the largest illicit markets in the world, bringing in billions of dollars in revenue. The marine environment continues to face pressure due to human activities in every sphere. The UNEP requires the delegates to propose regulations on international trade and solutions that consider both the environment and the economy. In the end, the aim is to tackle the age-old dilemma of ethics versus profit.

[For 6th-8th Graders]

[Double Delegation]


"The theory of the free press is not that the truth will be presented completely or perfectly in any one instance, but that the truth will emerge from free discussion"

- L.L Cummings

Adhering to the ideals of a free press, we hereby present the final committee being stimulated at Vezolution MUN'19, the International Press.